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Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen can be much less expensive than a custom made kitchen since everything is already constructed. There are many advantages in having a modular kitchen limiting your budget, designing your kitchen as per your taste, elegance, warranty, choice etc.

Bedroom Designs

Woodspa offers an exclusive bedroom styling service whereby the client is introduced to a whole custom designed bedroom package. To make the most of your bedroom, it requires furniture that is visually appealing, but also highly functional and offers excellent storage solutions

Living Room

Affordable solutions for better living. Style, comfort, quality selection! Living room, lounge, sitting room – whatever you call it, this room has one main purpose in your home: to be a comfortable space where the household can relax. These living room design ideas and lounge style schemes…


Wood Spa, started in 2002, is a full-service interior design firm is based in coimbatore, Tamilnadu. It is committed to design excellence, responsibility and sustainability. Dedicated to the creation of custom interiors, the company prides itself on combining architecture and interior design to find unique and aesthetically pleasing solutions. With over 15 years of experience, the firm approaches projects from an architectural point of view, and finishes them with their signature, soft-modern style. Our firm is made up of technically well qualified and experienced work team.

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Spacing Planning

Spacing Planning is always the most important aspect of a interior space. It determine how efficient and functional it can be to each of our individual needs.


Everyone have different individual habits and preferences. At this stage, we will work on the thinniest details of the interior fittings to give you the biggest convenience in your space.


Selecting the right fittings the right way is important. That's where we will make sure of the dimensions, usage, and outlook of your purchase you made for furnitures, lightings and etc.


After all the basic needs are met, we move on the visualization of the space in 3-dimenensional Sketch. To make sure that the space is beautifully, sculpted to your taste.

Colours & Textures

Most of our clients enjoy this stage of the design process as it gives them a peek of how their space will turn out to be. Materials of different features and colours will be chosen to enhance the interior space.


After finalizing all the thinniest details needed, we then proceed to start the construction.

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Modular Kitchen

Bedroom Designs

Living Room

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